3 Year Old Program

In accordance to the RI Early Learning & Development Standards, our two-day program consists of several hands-on activities throughout the day to promote independence and basic skills. During our circle time, pre-reading skills are introduced through large group stories, songs, and games.

One letter of the alphabet is introduced each week during circle, and projects during center time are designed to reinforce the recognition and formation of the letter. Beginning letter sounds are emphasized throughout the year in names, reading, and themes to begin phonetic awareness. Math, science, cooking, and art projects are also planned throughout the year to create a well-rounded experience for the young learner.

4 Year Old Program

Our three-day program builds on the skills that the children have already acquired. We will be using the MBR reading program that incorporates sign language, hands-on visual objects, written, and spoken word to lay the foundation for reading and language. They will be introduced to letters and sight words during circle time and will participate in small group exercises during station time to reinforce the lesson.

In addition to the reading activity, there will be role-play, art, and a skill-based project for the children to take part in. These projects often include math and science concepts, as well as fine motor exercises.

Large group activities, discussion time, and gross motor games are also a part of our curriculum aimed at developing the “whole child” and preparing the children for Kindergarten.

Daily Routine

Approximate schedule:

MWF Class

 8:30  Doors Open/Free Choice Time
 9:30  Circle Time
 9:45  Snack
 10:00  Stations – Skill Activity
 10:45  Story Time & Group Discussion
 11:15  Outdoor Play or Indoor Movement
 11:45  Lunch Time
 12:15  Group Activity
 12:30  Dismissal


T/TH Class

8:30 Doors Open/Free Choice Time
9:35 Circle Time
9:45 Snack
10:00 Circle Time, Story & Group Discussion
11:00 Outdoor Play or Indoor Movement
11:45 Lunch Time
12:15 Group Activity
12:30 Dismissal